Pedantic Indic fonts

Pedantic Indic comprises three fonts: Pedantic Devanāgarī, Pedantic Malayālam, and Pedantic Telugu. They are based on other fonts, with the addition of extra glyphs and features that are particularly useful for transcribing manuscripts and older print sources. In each font, dependent vowel signs can be rendered as independent characters. Some consonant conjunct forms can also be rendered independently.

  1. Pedantic Devanāgarī
  2. Pedantic Malayālam
  3. Pedantic Telugu
  4. independent vowel signs
  5. independent consonant conjunct forms
  6. bibliography

Pedantic Devanāgarī

क्रुध्यत्कालीकटाक्षाङ्कित इव कलयन्कान्तिऽ‍ॎमकान्तकालीम् 
क्रीडꣻꣻꣻमेण क्रकचकृतिकृती कुम्भिकुम्भाग्रकूट-
क्रोडेषूत्कृत्तकऽ‍ॎण्ठऽ‍ात्थितरुधिरकणाकीर्णकोणः कृपाणः ॥

Pedantic Devanāgarī is based on Sanskrit 2003, developed by Omkarananda Ashram and described as freeware. The following glyphs have been added: